So I’m Working…

Songwriter's Notes

This week I am working.  I received a phone call from a producer, the one I wrote about on a past blog, asking how far along I was with the project for the documentary film he is developing.  He now needs copyrighted and registered material ASAP.  Yikes!

I’m thinking, “So this is what it’s like to be a real songwriter?”  It is scary/it is fun/it is scary/well you get the idea.  So I’m working.  Band still needs attention.  Life still needs care.  I need to breathe.  But, the project still needs to get finished by next week.

I spent this morning working on lyrics and chord progressions for some problem-songs that I had put on the back burner, and they are sounding fairly good.  The next step is to record the songs, and convert them into MP3 files to fix them into a permanent register-able product I can send off to the U.S. Copyright Office.  I will need to save all the lyrics into PDF files to send along with the finished MP3 files.  I will be ready to record in the morning.

Last night I went over to Steve Shaw’s to lay in some harmonica tracks for an album he’s putting together (more on that later)–good work but tiring, but this afternoon I am going to get myself a 90-minute massage from Laura Carr, so no work tonight, but there’ll be a relaxed me.  Whoop, whoop!!!


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