Sometimes I’m Just Not A Sheep


Sometimes This Guy is Not a Sheep

Sometimes it happens, and a good band practice just blows up and goes to hell. That’s what happened last night. BOOM! This time it was a personnel issue.
I like to think of myself as a regular sheep–just a little lamb–when it comes to my dealings with others. I’d say that most of the time I am. However, sometimes I just get pushed too far, and then all bets are off and then I am just not a nice guy.
So, last night, KABOOM! As a songwriter and a band leader I am constantly faced with decisions about how players affect my songs. I am constantly performing as a single act so I can test out my material. My questions are: Does the song catch the attention of my audience? At what tempo do my hearers most respond? How does my overall performance evoke negative or positive crowd reactions?
By the time a song gets to my band I have a strong idea about what the it needs to work. I’m willing to negotiate somewhat, but I am not willing to listen to long, tiring lectures from one band member to another about what they need to do. I’m sorry, but that just doesn’t fly.


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