More on the CD

I Have a guitar, Where's my Pencil?

Work on the CD is progressing–slowly.  But it is progressing.  We have vocal and rhythm guitar and drum tracks laid in, and are working on the lead guitar or piano, and bass tracks.   Anything good is exacting.  Anything that ends up good needs an effort that is better than mediocre.

I once thought of myself as only a songwriter, bot not so any more.  I first had to learn to play guitar so I could put music to my words.   I had to learn to sing so people would actually listen to my songs.   I had to learn how to perform so I didn’t bore folks to death while I sang.   I had to learn how to be both a band leader and a producer. Yikes!

Today my guitar payer, John McLean, is coming over from Davis, CA to lay in the guitar tracks.  He will also lay in some bass scratch-tracks, so we can get the demo CD out to clubs and other venues.

I remember once think that all it took to be a songwriter was a guitar and a pencil.  Now I find it takes connections, managers, producers, venues, personnel, social media networking, glad handing, and wait, there’s more!    Oh silly me!


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