I Walked in Peace

Little Invisible Fish

Yesterday I wrote about the tragedy of 9-11-01 and my need to imagine peace, and I said I was going out to the Russian River to fly fish.  I did that.  I took my 3wt rod and some flies and swatted the water for about three hours.

Like the bumper sticker says, “any day on the water is better than…” or something like that.  I walked in the water with no waders.  I felt the river’s power wash over my legs. I prayed for the families who still grieve.  I prayed for those who have turned the event into a platform to hate monger.  And I gave thanks that my nation is better than its smallest denominator.  I felt the water’s healing soothe my soul.   Not bad for a day’s work!

Peace was present in the water.  Fish were not  evident, however.  I tried a small green popper, an orange stimulator, an olive green stimulator all to no avail.  At one point I thought I saw fish rolling and nosing the surface, and I went down stream to them, but discovered that what at a distance looked like big fish noses, turned out to be hatchlings less than two inches and almost transparent.

My time on the river was not about fish, though, it was about peace, and while I did not catch fish, and I did not write a song, I indeed, walked in peace!  I sometimes receive what I seek.  I pray we all do.


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