A Recording Wall

Simplicity Packing a Wallop

We hit the wall today!  The recording wall.  I mean like, whank, thud!  One song wouldn’t work.  It just wouldn’t.  We recorded and re-recorded about ten-fifteen takes, like who was counting, when I finally realized that I had made the tempo settings too fast.  We backed it off about 16 beats per minute, and it worked just fine, didn’t drag, and sounded great.

I can’t tell you the number of times that I have been stuck in a rut where no escape seemed possible.  I have proved the saying, “the definition of insanity it to do the same thing over and over expecting different results,” over and over.  And yet escape is always possible, it only takes a change of mind to see the other possibilities available.  How foolish I feel each time I get caught in this elaborate trap of my own making.

So it was today.  I had chosen a tempo that excluded drumming subtleties.  We wanted subtleties.  We tried different patterns and techniques, but in the long run it was just a simple change of tempo that made all the difference.  I have discovered over the tenure of my life that it is the simple not the complex solution that is usually the best.

I would like to remember this concept.  I know it especially works for songwriting.  A complex idea can be written and made to sing well if it is written in simple terms.  Confusion, told in straight forward phrases and words can be explained clearly.  Especially beginning songwriters seem to beat around the bush and try to sneak up on their hearers, with their message.  Even the seasoned songwriter falls prey to this on occasion.  Too much writing on the part of the songwriter translates as too little comprehension on the part of the listener.  For songwriters, sometimes saying what we really mean is the hardest task we will ever undertake.


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