A Songwriter’s Dream Coming True!

WOW, what a day it’s been!  In the studio all day with my drummer, Ralvis Parsley, laying in drum tracks, and a good day’s work it was.  Spent much of the time getting placement of the mics just right–got it right.  Then we recorded spent some time on a trial cut, after we experimented on various settings for managing the mix settings for the high-hat, snare, and kick–not too much reverb, not too flat.  It sounded good and doable, so we started recording the songs.

Right in the middle of it all a produces stops by with a director, up from LA, to talk about the soundtrack I am working on for a film they are beginning production on.  So, all recording had to stop so they could hear what I have recorded so far for that project.  A big BOY HOWDY, but they liked what I had done, and I was told to proceed with my interviews for the rest of the songs  need to write.

OK, so then try going back to work with that kind of brain rush going on.  YIKES, but it took about thirty minutes, before I settled down enough to get back to work.  And then it was back to recording.  Ralvis and I have three or four to do tomorrow and his work will be finished.  Next week is the lead Guitar, bass, and a few retakes on my vocals.  And we have a product we can send out.  All in all a very good day, and a dream on the way to reality!


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