There’s Only One of Me, yet…

Taking one step at a time.  Taking one step at a time.  There’s only one of me, yet I have a life crammed with enough demands for three people.  And I love every jammed-full second of it.  No complaints here.  A taxonomy might list songwriting, performing, producing, photography, husband, minister, father, grandfather, guitar picker–but it’s still just me.  I love everything I do, and I do everything I love, but sometimes when it all begins to stack up I feel just a little fragmented.

The trick to being in my position is to look at it all as if each one was a portion if grace, instead of just one more thing to get done.  This week I need to complete tasks, some of which were begun a year and a half ago.  I did what may be my last commercial photo shoot two weeks ago, but I am now waiting on post-production supplies so I can finish.  My band is waiting for me to complete scratch-tracks so they can lay in their tracks and we can finish an demo that my manager, Short-Fuse Betty Productions can use for some new marketing.  And I meet with creative, and money people next week to hammer out the particulars on a filming session I am writing songs for.  Then, and this is the frosting, next week I need to go in the studio for another musician to put in harmonica tracks for a CD he is completing.

Once, when I was a brand-new tree trimmer, I watched a man climb way out on the limb of an 90+ foot elm tree to begin take out, and I turned to the boss and asked him how one man takes out such a huge tree.  His reply: “One limb at a time.”  A good motto for a life crammed full to overflowing!


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