Time is On My Mind

Yikes!!!  This morning I’m just trying to keep up.  I am still doing a small amount of photography, and I have almost a full day’s worth of post-production to do, I have a very fine river I would like to fly fish in just about five minutes from my door and waiting, but last night I received a call from a producer down in LA and my schedule got changed big time.

About a year ago, a producer I know, I’ll refer to him here as “CR”, asked me if I would be willing to write a soundtrack for a film he was going to try to get started.  It was an intriguing concept, and I said I would work on it for him and see what might develop.  I wrote a few songs and he liked them, but nothing happened and so I shelved them and moved on to other projects.

The call last night was CR wanting me to talk to a person who wants to move, and move NOW, on the filming project.   Sometimes life moves really fast.  I told them that I had some truly rough mixes they could hear, but nothing close to finished.  They’re on their way.  I repeat, yikes!

As this project develops I will continue to to post on its movement, but in the meantime this old Rockabilly, still needs to work on recording songs for copyright and BMI registration, and to play music for gigs.  My life does go on.  My life is complex, but it is certainly fun, but I just need more time!


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