Time on the Guitar

I’m looking for a little time today to play guitar and sing.  I am going to perform in Sacramento, CA tomorrow night as a single act, and I am not quite as sharp as I would like to be.   It’s kind of funny that my main goal for the past few years has been to be a songwriter, but most of my time has been taken up with promotion.  The promotion pays off, but time seems more and more precious!

So today I need to build up callouses on my fingers so I don’t bleed tomorrow night, loosen up my voice so I don’t squeak, and work the old memory canals in the brain a little.  I’ll play 90 minutes so, wahoo, with the fingers I have now It’ll hurt!  I don’t consider myself a guitar player in the sense that I play lead, but I do strong, simple, rhythms that carry the music.

It’s kind of funny when I thunk of it:  I think of myself as a singer/songwriter, but I’m more of a promotions manager for me.  And it does pay off.  Even though, I have a band (Hilary Marckx & 45-90) I keep getting gigs that want me to play as a single.  And even though I have dreamed of doing nothing but site with my guitar and note pad and write songs, I understand myself enough to understand that it is just not enough for me.  I need an audience in front of me, responding to me, and giving me that priceless feedback about me songs, that only a live audience can give.

Today, as soon as this post is written, I am getting up from this computer and I am going out to my studio and play and sing for a couple of hours and work on material that doing all of the above has made me rusty at!  Then tomorrow night I’ll be playing 90 minutes of my Americans at the “Blazing Burlesque” show in Sacramento and having a blast.  You know, the work does pay off.  See you there, Adios!


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