Rock-Sand-Shadow #5

Rock-Sand-Shadow #1

Rock-Sand-Shadow #9

Before this last long series of storms hit, and after the last storms, there was a bit of sunshine, remember?  I do love the play of light and shadow on nature.  The Renaissance Italians called this Chiaroscuro.  Rembrandt used a technique similar to this as did the Impressionists.  All this said, I spent an afternoon in the winter sun, walking near the river and photographing patterns of sand, light, rock, and shadow.

Water-Rock-Shadow #1

Rock-Sand-Shadow #4

I  have been interested in abstract patterns since I began photography.  How the light areas balance the dark areas, how light and heavy become analogues for light and dark, how forms interact with each other and with the light, how light itself becomes a form, a substantive object:  these intrigue me and my photographer’s eye.

Rock-Sand-Shadow #8

Rock-Sand-Shadow #7

I thought it would be interesting to show some of these.   I am spending the remainder of this week working on music for a gig I’m playing down in Topanga Canyon just north of LA, so this may be my last blog until next week.  Who knows?  Anyway Enjoy the images.  H

Rock-Sand-Shadow #3


2 thoughts on “Chiaroscuro—

  1. Love how “colorless” these appear to be, until, of course, one stays with the image. Remember when the sun was out? Seems a long soggy time ago! As usual, your eye intrigues.

    • Even when I write music it seems that I write with my eyes. Many of my songs are image-driven in that, while they use words, they paint pictures and stories that are almost visible. Thank you so much for your comment and your friendship.

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