Come, See What I Saw!

On the Rise, Dark and Growly

Up, Fast and Muddy

Up, Fast and Muddy

I worked all morning on music, just working up songs for performance–getting tighter.  Then I had lunch with three good friends.  And then?  And then I had some time to myself.  I knew that the river would be us, and it was raining at a fairly constant rate, so I figured I would be able to fish it.  I was right.  Up, fast, and muddy.

What I decided to do was to just go and make some images of this place in the rain.  What might present itself to me?  What might I see that my jaded photographer’s eye might get excited over?

Rain on the Water

The water was up and filling holes that I walked through yesterday.  There were banks and eddys that had the appearance of being there for decades, but I knew there were fresh winter additions to this landscape.

So this blog entry is not so much about words as it is about vision.  Come, see what I saw!

Out Beyond the Middle is where I stood Yesterday

Water Droplets Like Jewels

In the Rain, the Horizon Seems in Layers

Colors are Muted



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