It started to rain today and I am happy because we in Sonoma County and the rest of California need it badly.  I will not be so happy come the end of March or April.  Then I will be grumpy.  But here in the second week of a dry (so far) December I am happy.

I seem to like balance, but I hate to be bored.  Too much of anything, even balance, bores me.  I was recently interviewed for an article, and the writer was very interested that I seemed to juggle three professions without too much stress.  It keeps me from being bored.

I don’t like to give out Christmas lists, because then the present possibilities become predictable.  I don’t like driving the same roads to the same places.  I truly do not like being in conversations that seem to keep looping around and around.  I ABSOLUTELY HATE BACKTRACKING when I travel–ask Cherie.

Iris the cat being a cat

I do like challenges.  I suppose I like cats over dogs, because I don’t need count on them for anything, they just exist as cats.  I like people who surprise me.  I love my family because they bounce off walls like super-balls, and careen through life, weaving around obstacles and hardships, and somehow getting through it all as if it was all planned–and somehow looking very good in the process.

However, it is the unpredictability of fishing, that makes its challenge so worth engaging.  Catching fish, and I do catch fish, seems like a true victory by the very nature of how hard it is to land them.

Planning & getting ready for the next season

I spend an inordinate amount of time in the winter tying flies in a multitude of patterns to up my odds of catching something in the short time the season is open.

Steelhead Flies

Steelhead begin to run in the rain.  When it rains I begin my spring and summer strategy for catching fish.  I check out possible new streams and weigh them against well known favorites.  I fish for steelhead on my home water in the winter.  In the winter I dream of trout fishing on the mountain streams.

This is balance: winter steelhead/summer trout; winter strategy, summer catches; winter fish on home water; summer fish on unknown water–balance.

In Balance

Let it rain, bring on the fish, let there be balance.



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