Life and Light on the River

I took another walk along the Russian River and looked for more possibilities for fish and was struck once more by the pure beauty of light and life. I saw several fish rise and take mayflies. Promising. Cherie came with me today and we shared what we saw. She found a grouping of bones and feathers from a long-dead raptor.

When Predators Meet #2

Where Predators Meet

Russian River 10-31-09 #1

I Showed Cherie Where Clint & I Saw the Fish

we talked about how even predators arn’t safe from other predators. Further on down the river path color & pattern became themes of a spiritual quality as light suffused leaf and tree and air like the Holy Spirit.   Life is life and it is good.

The beauty is there for all who would witness it.  I mostly sit in front of a computer and think about doing something other than sitting in front of the computer.  Usually the times I am not in front of a computer, I am in my music studio working on songs–writing or arranging or recording–still indoors.  Blahhhhhh!

There is too much I am missing this way!

Scrub #2

Light & Air & Leaf Suffused as if by Spirit


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